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NSA Traveling

The NSA Traveling Program is part of the MYSA Competitive program. Half the games are played in Northfield and half are played in Southern Minnesota communities such as Mankato, Owatonna, Rochester, Albert Lea, and/or South Metro communities in the Twin Cities. The Traveling program provides opportunities for players to learn advanced soccer concepts and skills as well as teamwork, self-discipline, honesty, and self-confidence.

2020 Fall Traveling Soccer

Teams have been formed for Fall Traveling Soccer.  There are some roster spots available.   Please e-mail Tammy at if you'd like to join a team. 

2020 Fall Traveling Soccer - Registration is CLOSED

The NSA offers traveling teams at U10 – U14 in the fall season.  High school soccer is offered for ages U15 and up.  *Note*  - the middle school does not offer soccer for 6th graders.

The age groups bump up in the fall and continues to the next summer.  Below are the current age groups for this fall season:

U10  = 2011
U11 =  2010
U12 = 2009
U13 = 2008
U14 = 2007

Game play begins September 8th and ends mid-October.  Typically six games are played on weekends over a five week time frame.Qualifying teams will participate in the Fall State Championship.  Practices are dictated by coaches.  Coaches do take into consideration that kids are back at school. 

Fall traveling fees:


Does NOT include uniform costs.  The Association is using a Nike kit for our current uniform.  ALL players will need to purchase a Nike uniform if you don't already own one before the fall season begins. Uniforms will be ordered online from 

6/8/2020 Traveling Soccer Update - SESSIONS AVAILABLE

NSA  is offering six one-hour Traveling Mini sessions for boys and for girls for the 2020 summer season. The session schedule looks like this:

Boys Session 1:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, June 22, 23 & 24

Girls Session 1:  M, T, W; June 29, 30 & July 1

Boys Session 2:  M, T, W, July 6, 7 & 8

Girls Session 2:  M, T, W; July 13, 14 & 15

Some important details about the sessions:

  • While the sessions will be in the evenings, no times are decided yet, as the number of kids that register will determine how many groups we’ll have each night. 

  • Each session will have a separate registration of $45. The sessions will build on each other, in other words, the second session for boys and girls will not be a repeat of session one. We chose to make them separate registrations in case families had already made plans and couldn’t make it to both. You can sign up for either Session 1 or Session 2, or sign up for both, whatever your schedule allows. 

  • We will try to group kids with players their own age or close in age when forming training groups.  We cannot guarantee that a player will be with their own age group as it will depend upon registrations.  

We will be sending out specific information to those who register with our expectations for following MDH guidelines, but in broad terms the information can be found here:

 And here:

We are using TeamSnap instead of our regular NGIN registration system to register for the Traveling Mini sessions.  Below is the LINK TO ACCESS REGISTRATION FOR TRAVELING MINI SESSIONS:
If you are in need of a scholarship,  please contact Tammy at before registering.  


5/23/2020 Traveling Soccer Update for Summer 2020

Hi all,

It will probably not come as much of a surprise to most of you, but if you’re like me, it still comes as a great disappointment. Yesterday MYSA announced that all summer traveling soccer leagues and tournaments have been canceled. They waited as long as possible to make this determination in the hopes that the situation would evolve to the point where playing soccer games in any meaningful way could occur, but that is just not going to happen. While leagues and tournaments are canceled, we are allowed to move into a phase of their plan to restart soccer that will allow for small groups to practice under certain guidelines. See below for our plans in that regard. If you want more information about MYSA’s decision, it can be found here:

The NSA Board met this morning and voted, as had been indicated, to begin full refunds for those that had registered for traveling soccer. Because of the way our online registration system is set up by NGIN, we are not able to electronically refund any payments made online that are older than 90 days. As a result, we will begin mailing checks for the full amount, beginning this coming week. Please understand that this involves nearly 200 checks and envelopes and getting two people to sign each check, so it may take a couple weeks or more to get all of them processed. 

We have also had discussions about what we could offer to your players that could in some small way take the place of a missed traveling season. We are in the process of developing an Academy-style offering for all kids that were going to participate in traveling soccer this summer. The exact form it will take is still being decided. As a part of that process we will be sending you an online poll very soon to gauge both what your player may be interested in and what you as a parent would be comfortable with. We hope to have the information from this poll available for us to make final decisions at our next regular board meeting on June 4 and announce it soon after that. Your participation in the poll will be valuable for us. Whatever we decide on will be communicated via email and we will create a new registration for this offering.

This is obviously a crushing blow to all of us that love this game and love watching our kids play this game. The NSA will have options available for all ages this summer in one form or another, and we hope to have our full slate of usual offerings this fall, but time will tell that story. Thank you all for your patience this spring as we rode out a long waiting process hoping for the best.

Brent Kivell
NSA President


2020 Summer Traveling Program Info

The NSA offers traveling teams at U10 - U19 for both Boys and Girls, at various levels of play appropriate for each particular age group.   Game play begins early May and continues until sometime in July, depending on how far the team advances in Qualifiers and the State Tournament.  Teams play 10 - 12 games per season and usually play one game per week.  Typically teams will practice 2 - 3 times per week, beginning in April, weather permitting.   

2020 Summer traveling fees (scholarships available):

U10 (2010 birth year), U11 (2009 birth year) & U12 (2008 birth year) $390

U13 (2007 birth year) & Up  $435

During registration you will have the option to pay in full or in 3 installments.  Installments are due:

1/3rd at the time of registration
1/3rd on January 31st
1/3rd on March 31st.  

Fees do not include uniform costs.  NSA will be using the same Nike kits as in the 2019 seasons.  Uniforms are ordered on-line from and are approximately $85 (Lower uniform fees available for scholarship players).  All registered players will receive an e-mail from at the beginning of 2020 to order uniform items if needed.  


MYSA Level of Play


Minnesota Black and Blue Leagues are powered by Mayo Clinic and pay homage to our MLS team Minnesota United FC. These leagues are intended for multisport or seasonal-committed athletes.  


Teams will be placed in leagues based on their geographic location then within their leagues, teams will schedule their own games.


Central, South, Arrowhead, Prairie, Metro, Wisconsin District 9 and Independent 


Fall season consists of six games to be played between Labor Day and mid-October, and summer season consists of 10 games to be played from May–July. All Black and Blue teams can compete in the State Championship at the end of the year.

Minnesota Black & Blue Leagues Info Sheet

Minnesota Black & Blue Leagues FAQs

Roster Size, Format & Game Time

Age Roster Size # on Field Format Game Time
U11 - U12 10 - 16 9 9 v 9 2 x 30 minutes
U13 - U14 11 - 18 11 11 v 11 2 x 35 minutes
U15 11 - 18 11 11 v 11 2 x 40 minutes
U16 11 - 18 11 11 v 11 2 x 40 minutes
U17 - U19 11 - 18 11 11 v 11 2 x 45 minutes

What "U" are you?

How are NSA teams formed?
The NSA is a member of MYSA, and as such abides by its policies. 

Age/ Gender Rules:
The grids on this page are from the MYSA Policy and Rules Manual.

Birth Year Cut-off Dates per MYSA Rules:

Please see the table below for age groups defined by the MYSA. The soccer year starts in the fall. Please follow the 2019-2020 chart.  For example: if you were born in 2006, starting in Fall 2019 you would be eligible for the U14 team.