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NGIN Accounts and Profiles

NGIN Accounts and Profiles - What's the Difference?

NGIN Account - The first step is to make sure you have an NGIN account. Many of you will have created this NGIN account when you registered your player(s). If not, you should have received a message from NGIN saying you have been invited to create an account. Please click on the links provided in the email to create your NGIN account. Once you have an NGIN account, go to the NSA home page and log in (you will see it in the upper left corner).

NSA Membership - Because your NGIN account is universal, you will be able to use it to login to any Club's website using the NGIN platform, you must become a member of the Sites you wish to join.
If you are NOT a member of the NSA yet, you will see "become a member" in the upper left corner next to where your username will now be displayed. Click on this link to become a member.

NGIN Profiles - A profile is typically created the first time you login in, and when you go to registration, you are given the option to register for yourself or to create a new profile to register for (your player). Once the player is registered, they automatically become an NSA member, but as the one setting up the account, you will not, unless you elect to be. 

Do you have your own "profile"? Are you a member of NSA? If you click on the drop down list next to your username -> profiles, you will see all the profiles associated with your NGIN account, hopefully one for you, and each of your players that you registered with the NSA. The NSA will only see those profiles that are members of the NSA. To check to see if you are a member, click on your profile (not your players) and see if you are registered as an NSA member. To return to the NSA home page, just click on the maroon soccer ball in the upper left corner.

NGIN Account and Profiles

NGIN Account and Profiles

How to Add a Second Email Address

You have two options for adding additional email addresses to receive email communications regarding your child/player:

  1. Change the Primary email or add a Secondary email to your own NGIN account (Example: adding a work, personal, or spouse's email address)
    • If the emails you would like to add are your own or belong to your spouse and you are sharing a NGIN account, please Click Here for instructions on how to add a secondary email address or change your primary email address on your NGIN account.
  2. Copy another person on emails sent regarding your child that will be creating or using their own separate NGIN account (Example: ex-spouse, aunt/uncle, grandma, etc)
    • If the email address that you would like to receive communications regarding your child/player is not associated with your NGIN account and they have their own or will be creating their own account, please Click Here for instructions on how to have them copied on all messages sent regarding your child/player.