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Northfield Field Schedules

Field Help Needed

The Field Committee needs you!  Did you know the fields our kids play on need to be re-painted each week?  We are looking for volunteers to help with this important work.  No skills required, training will be provided (it's easy!).  By volunteering you are helping to keep our kids healthy and active playing soccer. 

Please contact the Field Coordinator for details.

Field Condition Codes

1 - Perfect field.
2 - Fields are wet. No standing water. No torn up/muddy places in heavy use areas (goal mouths especially)
3 -  Standing water on fields. Soft ground. Little to no torn up/muddy places on fields. Did NOT play previous night in standing water.
4 - Standing water in multiple areas of each field. Previous night was played in standing water. Much Torn up/muddy places in heavy use areas - either multiple locations on each field and/or more than 2 tornup/muddy locations on each field.
5 - fields are over 50% covered by standing water

 4 or 5 Don't play/No games.
3, 4 & 5 No Practices.

Field Scheduling

New this year we are using TeamSnap for traveling team communications.  We are also using TeamSnap locations for scheduling of games and practices.  Unfortunately there currently is not an easy way for managers or coaches to see other location usage at the time of scheduling an event in TeamSnap.  We have been in contact with TeamSnap Support, and as a workaround, have consolidated all of the teams events into a single master calendar that is accessible from the NSA Master Calendar Link located under your team name on your team snap home page.

This will enable you to see what teams are playing and practicing where.  So like NGIN in the past, we are still unable to provide the ability to "reserve" a field for practice. Please look to the master calendar to see who is practicing and playing where and when for setting up practice events. 

If more than one team wants to use the same field, please work together to share, move to other green space for practicing. On that note, please respect field closures, and remember  you can get alot of practicing done on a piece of grass with no lines or goals!