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Weather Policy

MYSA & NSA Weather Policy

Your child’s safety is our first concern. If you have any doubts about the weather, please follow your best judgment as to whether they should play on a given night. Such judgement applies to both lightning and extreme heat.

Minnesota weather is fickle. Rain or lightning at a given time may have little indication of the weather one hour later.
The In House and Academy program will often wait to cancel a session until shortly before its starting time.  We have now begun to use our Facebook page (Northfield Soccer Association, In-House) to give updates on weather.
We do cancel sessions when our fields are determined to be flooded.  We do not have the ability to offer make-up sessions for cancelled sessions.  We will let you know via a Facebook post, as soon as these determinations are made.  We will make every attempt to send out an email blast as well, but that is not always possible.

Our policy must follow the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association weather guidelines as listed here with NSA the In-house "modifications" as detailed below:

MYSA Severe Weather Policy

In general, we will adhere to the following guideline...... “if you see a lightning flash and hear the thunder in 30 seconds or less, you must seek shelter and all play/outdoor activity is cancelled”. Travel teams may resume play at the referees discretion after a mandatory 30 minute wait. In-house/Rec soccer is typically cancelled upon any weather delay.

MYSA Heat Policy - modified for NSA In-house

If the heat index (not actual Temp) AT GAME TIME is

  • up to 89 - normal play
  • 90 - 94 - shortened games and more frequent water breaks
  • above 95 at  - Immediate cancellation of play for Rec/In-house play 

Note - Travel Teams standards are different, they allow continuation of play and extended breaks during these and harsher conditions however young children are far less tolereant of excessive heat conditions so In-house/Rec play has a stricter standards. 

MYSA weather policy link -

NSA In-House modifications/additions and communication procedure to the MYSA policy:

If NSA makes a decision to cancel an event, you can expect the following communication:

- The In House Age Group Coordinators or the Director will email all coaches and families notifying them of cancellation.
- If you do not have access to email, Please let your coach know if you would prefer to be contacted via phone and which phone # to use. Phone notification is a burden to your coach, please use this option only if absolutely needed.
- We will post a message to the Northfield Soccer Website.
Please use the outlined communication channels rather than attempting to contact your In House Coordinators directly.
If you have not seen weather related communication by 15 minutes prior to your schedules start time on a given night, you should assume that soccer is on.


Once Play has Begun and players are on the fields............,

Severe weather wil be announced with an air horn or the community emmergency services siren. If you hear the warning, clear the fields immediately play is cancelled n of that nature from them), please leave immediately.

Your age group co-ordinator will be given specific instructions about the nature of the weather issue. In severe situations (i.e. Tornado Warrning etc) your coordinator will communicate procedure.

Once a weather call is made, soccer is cancelled for the remainder of the evening. Given the recreational nature of play, the mandatory 30-minute wait time after a weather warning, and the mere 60-75 minutes of play,

Especially at the Spring Creek complex, do not be confused by other games that may continue playing after the In House program has been cancelled. Other play is governed by the given coach or referee. Please follow the direction of your In House Coordinator.