We are excited to open registration for the Spring/Summer 2021 season! This has been a rough year for soccer in Minnesota and for us here in Northfield. While there are hurdles yet to clear, with the successful completion of both the MYSA fall season and the high school soccer season and the news of vaccines that show great promise, we are optimistic that next spring holds great things for us.

There are several things that you will notice that are new when you click on the link below to begin registration. If you didn’t have a child play this fall, the first thing you will notice is that we are now running our registrations through TeamSnap rather than the NGIN system we had been using. Unless the TeamSnap system recognizes you, you will need to create an account to continue your registration.

Secondly, given that we can’t fully guarantee a spring season at this point in time, we are structuring our payment system a little differently this year. When registering, you will still have the option to pay in full at registration or to utilize the three-payment plan. Unlike in past years, the first payment will not be deducted until January 15, followed by a second payment on Feb. 28 and a final payment at the end of March. The only payment due at registration is a $25 non-refundable processing & handling fee to hold your roster spot. This fee will cover our administrative costs that go into setting up teams and getting players into the MYSA system. We will once again not be using any regular season registration fees to cover NSA costs until it is known that the season will be going forward, but there is plenty of work to do before the first ball is kicked.

Finally, you will also come across our new volunteer section within registration. We have decided to follow the lead of many sports organizations here in Northfield to increase our volunteer base and lighten the load on the dozen or so “full-time volunteers” that do the heavy lifting to make our Association run. We are asking for a roughly four hour commitment of volunteer time per soccer family (not per player for you multiple player families!). You will find myriad opportunities listed from which you can choose to help out. Some examples include:

  • Helping out on In-House nights
  • Serving as a manager for a traveling team
  • Serving on our Fundraising committee
  • Helping organize or serve day of for the Jesse James Shootout
  • And many more

And similar to the other organizations in town, if your time is at a premium there is an option to opt out of the volunteer commitment for a fee of $100 to be paid with your registration.

Our registration deadline is February 1, 2021. This will allow us to begin forming our rosters in February, determine if any tryouts will be needed and also allow ample lead-time for those that need to order new uniforms or replacement elements to their uniform kit.

Register here.

We look forward with great excitement for the upcoming season, and are excited to see the Spring Creek Soccer Complex covered in kids playing our wonderful game again this spring!


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