Bylaws are the rules an organization adopts by which to govern itself. They provide important guidance to the Board as it seeks to support a smooth operation, protect and appropriately administer assets, and faithfully fulfill the mission of the Northfield Soccer Club.

Northfield Soccer Club Bylaws (updated August 2023)

Compensation for Parent-Coaches

Northfield Soccer Club players and teams benefit from the leadership of talented and committed coaches throughout our programs. All traveling teams are led by licensed coaches, and when a traveling head coach or assistant coach is also the parent of a current player, they are eligible for a registration fee waiver.

Parent-Coach Compensation Policy (updated July 2023)


When a player registers, it is viewed as a commitment to an eventual team and to the program. Since the Northfield Soccer Club operates as a non-profit entity, it is critical for the ongoing fiscal and overall health of the association to properly account for all players. It is the responsibility of players and parents/guardians to read and understand all NSC policies prior to registration.

Refund Policy (updated February 2022)

Team Formation and Tryouts

Tryouts are conducted for all registered players in any age group where it is required for the purpose of forming traveling teams for the SMSL summer and fall seasons. The most likely scenario for this is when there are multiple teams at an age and gender grouping, and those teams are playing at a different level of competition.

Team Formation and Tryout Policy (updated April 2023)